Raw, idiom, 14a: in the natural, uncultivated, or unrefined state: nature in the raw.

Report from Bali:

Briefest of brief little check-ins now here at 11pm my time, just south of the equator, as y'all on the West Coast are just waking up. I'm sunburned and stretchy and singing and loving so much more than I even expected this sensation of being unplugged. No phone, no internet (save a rare few minutes every few days), no watch, no nothing except my breath and the yoga and this moment and that sky and that wind off the Indian Ocean just outside my door.

The days have been packed and yet remarkably, refreshingly free of commitment. Their pace feels right and slow and present and so not frenetic in a way that I've not experienced for some time. I feel like they've barely scratched the surface, and yet even being back home in SF last week feels light years away. A reset button, to be sure.

The yoga is heart and center here in this wee adventure, of course, but I'm finding that yoga to take different forms: as early morning and late night walks through the rice paddies with folks chanting Sanskrit melodies; as long conversations on shielded front porches in the midst of late afternoon downpours; as a learning to sit with incredibly thick humidity and crispy skin and the certain sense of how very close the sun is to us here, now, small, burning, a blip in the sand next to that loaming Indian Ocean.

I find myself wishing for more time, before the time has even begun to pass. You know, stay longer, finish my book, write another, be an ex-pat, screw the urban thing. There is a slow grace to the lushness and the strong dark coffee and the getting up at 5:30am that I love, love, love. Almost as much as the technology detox.

Clich├ęd update, I know. Probably all things that you expected to hear. But I feel it often throughout the day, in flashes, in moments, that in spite of the whirlwind required to make this urban hiatus happen, it was perfect, it is perfect; it was necessary, it is necessary; it is right. And being present for that? Well, that's the practice. That's the life, whether you're in Bali or San Francisco or Timbuktu.


katerw said…
fully present in San Francisco and thinking of you. great to hear your voice.

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