Raw, adjective: 2. not having undergone processes of preparing, dressing, finishing, refining, or manufacture

Back in action with regularly scheduled classes starting this afternoon at Flying Yoga, and tomorrow at Glow. Please join me for a class or two in the days to come -- I'd love to see you. Full schedule available here, of course, per usual.

My playlists -- lovingly constructed over the course of these many past months -- apparently decided to stay in Bali. (Can you blame them?) After having listened to them while at Desa Seni, I rebooted my phone on landing in San Francisco to find an empty memory card: "No music found."

Ok. Cool. (Breathe, Rachie, breathe.) We're practicing non-attachment, right? I believe this is what they call Shiva, a.k.a. dissolution, destruction, kenosis, an emptying-out to make way for new kinds of life to grow. So, we create.

So after a busy (late) one last night, and some lingering jet lag this morning, today will look like brand spankin' new music, and brand spankin' new sequencing, and the first Saturday back in SF since baseball season kicked off. It was surprisingly excellent to catch up with so many folks last night, even if this confused body clock kept me up past 4am. In spite of the achy head -- I'm glad to be home.


Anonymous said…
I look forward to reading your blog daily. Thank you for being such an inspiration! Your travels in Bali sound lovely. Isn't Southeast Asia magical?
Rach said…
Thanks, Ashely! So glad to know you're reading. And yes -- I can't wait to go back, already. What a refreshing change of pace.
ms marshall said…
glad you are home safe and sound (or sound.less, gotta love mercury dancing backwards)....i have some sweet tracks dude, hit me up, i will trade you mu*sick for a traveler's tale~

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