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Save the Date!

Please join me for three days' of workshops on the East Coast next month. I'm so excited to be sharing the practice with the fabulous folks at Balance Yoga in Forty Fort, PA. We've got some really dishy yoga planned: a helluva lot of Friday night heart and hamstrings, some ease-inducing Sunday morning shoulder openers, and one very special Saturday featuring two workshops with guest stars Karen and Amy of The Kitchen Yogi Cookie Cutter Collection.

Want more info? Head over to Balance Yoga's excellent site for details on dates, times, etc. And if you'd like more detailed workshop descriptions, well, you're in luck:

Open Your Heart, Open Your Hamstrings

May 20 , 2011 | 6 - 8:30pm
Start your weekend with a heart-opening, hamstring-stretching practice wrapped in love, laughter and devotion. Rachel's vinyasa classes are a music- and philosophy-infused blend of athleticism, dance, art, song and spirit. She brings her background in the arts and theology to the mat, creating an intense flow-based practice rich in yoga philosophy, sweaty with hard work, and celebratory in tone. You can expect creative sequencing, advanced backbends, arm balances, and inversions, and maybe a vertical split or two along the way. She hopes you'll laugh as much as you sweat, and maybe walk out feeling a little stronger, a little softer, and a lot more balanced. All levels welcome!

The ABC's of Yoga: Art, Bake, Create!
with special guest The Kitchen Yogi

May 21, 2011 | 10am - 12:30pm
Join special guests Karen and Amy of The Kitchen Yogi Cookie Cutter Collection to explore the ABCs of yoga, playfully connecting art, baking and creativity, all in the name of practice. In this family-friendly morning workshop, we'll dig into a creative flow of yoga, art, storytelling and guided meditation, finishing with the creation of a mandala. Discover the connections between art and asana, and have fun (and get your hands dirty!) in the process. All materials are included. Ages 1-101.

Baking Through the Chakras
with special guest The Kitchen Yogi

May 21, 2011 | 2:30 - 5pm
Take your yoga off the mat and into the kitchen! Meet The Kitchen Yogi, and in the process, discover your yoga practice elbow deep in sugar and frosting! Karen and Amy will guide us through the whimsical asana silhouettes of The Kitchen Yogi cookie cutter collection, and Rachel will revisit her Yoga Journal article on her "yoga of baking" practice creating bundt cakes every Saturday for a year, as we work our way through the chakras, one sweet treat at a time. The afternoon's "baking asana practice" will culminate in the creation of a delicious raw chocolate cookie in your favorite asana shape. We'll explore healthy vegan baking alternatives, baking as meditation, the seva of baking, and more. Ages 1-101.

Easy Like a Sunday Morning

May 22, 2011 | 10am - 12:30pm
Find ease in your shoulders, hips, heart and mind with this vigorous vinyasa practice focusing on opening these notoriously tight parts of the body. With the help of some mellow, lilting tunes and real-life, grounded spirituality, we'll find a balance of strength and softness in the process, connecting the sorrows and joys we often find stored in the shoulders and hips with the softening and releasing processes inherent in the emotional, physical, and spiritual heart of a yoga practice. Bring your soul, soften your expectations, and ease right into a Sunday morning's deep release. All levels welcome!
The Saturday workshops in particular are already nearly full, so please pre-register to ensure that you get a spot. Can't wait to share the practice with you, in its many forms: the vinyasa itself, of course, but also the music, the art, the baking, the friendship, the reaching across these thousands of miles to find that, at heart, we all share the same passion for the breath, the flow, the learning to live well in these bodies of ours.

Much love and so many thanks to Jenn and the crew at Balance for making this possible! I'm over the moon, and can't wait to head east to PA.

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