Raw, adjective: 8. brutally harsh or unfair: a raw deal; receiving raw treatment from his friends.

Disappointment in Wisconsin (and the rest of the country) as we wake to news of civil rights lost. It's the kind of story that merits great attention, and the recent days here, packed with back-to-back classes and interviews and Bali prep and deadlines and whew, trying to find a breath somewhere in there, have not allowed adequate time for that. So on my way out the door here in the early morning dark, I offer you two reads:

1) a quick report from Madison courtesy of the Interdependence Project, which asks questions of samsara and selfhood, populism and compassion, unions and interconnection, and that ultimate one: what would Jesus/Buddha do?

2) a graceful profile from The Magazine of Yoga marrying the dual practices of writing and yoga. This is dear to my heart for obvious reasons. Skim it, find in it yet another affirmation of the ways in which our various practices transcend the mat, and then get at it - whatever your chosen practice might be. Here's a blurb:
Both yoga and writing are, of course, practices: Activities in which one needs to engage with less focus on accomplishment and end product and more on the actual moment. A favorite yoga teacher of mine used to say, throughout class—but especially during very uncomfortable poses—“be here now.”

Writing is often like being in an uncomfortable pose for a long, long time and I sometimes have to tell myself to just be here now.
Happy Thursday morning.

Samsara and Selfhood: Where the Practice Meets the Pavement (IDP)
Practices: Joanna Smith Rakoff (The Mag of Yoga)


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