Raw, idiom, 14a: in the natural, uncultivated, or unrefined state: nature in the raw.

And the day broke clear and bright and Willie Nelson continues to croon Irving Berlin over and over in my mind, driving the rhythm of my feet. My beloveds on the East Coast are freezing their buns off with near sub-zero temps, and here we are sitting in paradise waking up to sun and sky and the most fresh still morning overlooking the palms in the garden.

Birthday cake to be baked and laundry to be done and much to be accomplished in these few hours before the day gets big, but in the meantime, Willie accompanies it all. Sit back, love it, listen to it, dig the key change, sing along, rejoice that you made the merciful decision to chop off your mullet back in the 80s and move to the Bay Area where January looks like 57 degrees instead of 8.

I am clear blue sky. One of my favorite mantras ever. Thoughts coming and going like clouds, floating past for a brief moment, and then blowing right by. What a perfect analogy for this practice of watching our thoughts. Blue Skies, shining on me. What more do you need? I mean, really.


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