Raw, noun: 13. unrefined sugar, oil, etc.

Big weekend - (don't they all seem to be lately?) - teaching, working, breathing, and baking 80 baby birthday bundts in honor of Iyengar's 92nd on December 14th. We're hosting a birthday feast for celebration- and service-minded yogis tomorrow eve; this on the heels of throwing a similarly inspirational feast for some 50 teacher trainees finishing their 10-day Bhakti Flow intensive here at Urban Flow last Sunday.

Hence the blog silence of late. When the blog gets quiet, you can pretty well trust that there's a helluva lot of a) teaching, b) writing, c) baking, d) martini-shaking, e) arts-loving, f) life-living going on. Exciting updates to come, full of news of new gigs and unfolding projects and December in San Francisco and so very much being alive.

Until then, a very Happy Birthday to our beloved Iyengar. Go pick up your copy of his Light on Yoga in honor, and lose yourselves in that bible of yoga. And imagine that you're biting into a scrumptious little chocolate baby birthday bundt - decorated with lavender petals and waxflower beauties, of course - in the meantime.


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