Raw, adjective: 8. brutally harsh or unfair: a raw deal; receiving raw treatment from his friends.

Today I'm attending a DVD taping with Gary Kraftsow. I'm pretty fired up. (You know you're a yoga nerd when the prospect of sitting still for 3 hours listening to obscure Hindu philosophy in complicated Sanskrit terminology is a major highlight of your week. Yipes.)

I had the pleasure of studying with Gary as a part of my program in Yoga Philosophy at the California Institute of Integral Studies a few years back. The man is remarkably knowledgeable, soft-spoken, measured, grounded and wise - especially considering that within just the last several years, he's been grappling with the after-effects of a near-fatal brain tumor.

Today's lecture/taping will address Gary's new work in yoga therapy and yoga for anxiety and depression. At a time when much of the yoga industry is oriented toward asana and a tight ass, I love and respect Kraftsow's emphasis on the ancient philosophy underlying the practice - the fact that "doing your yoga" might have absolutely nothing to do with asana, and everything to do with mind, breath and spirit.

Read more on this brilliant philosopher over at Yoga International. This excellent interview: Radical Healing - Yoga with Gary Kraftsow, explores Kraftsow's background, his experience of the "gift" of a brain tumor, and the ways that tumor has shifted his Viniyoga practice and his teaching today. Inspirational. Real. Authentic. Yoga.

American Viniyoga Institute
Radical Healing - Yoga with Gary Kraftsow (YI)


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