Raw, adjective: 2. not having undergone processes of preparing, dressing, finishing, refining, or manufacture

At left, a little Lion's Breath to start your morn. Have you done yours yet today?

I looked up from my desk the other day and realized that my 1920s fireplace bears these two fierce lions, breathing fire. We usually finish our asana practice with a series of several Lion's Breaths, that traditional bug-eyed, open-mouthed, roaring pranayama exercise meant to get rid of all leftover toxins, anything stirred up from the yoga practice that you might not need anymore, be it physical or emotional. I love the fact that whenever I turn around, there are my two lions-in-residence, reminding me to breathe fierceness and fearlessness into all that is.

The mellow week that was to be is not so much. Things are hopping. In the best of ways. So here's to the end of 2010. May it ring in a wild, fierce, living, loving new year.

Yoga Journal: Lion's Pose


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