Raw, adjective: 11. unprocessed or unevaluated: raw data.

A quiet catch of calm this morning before another big day unfolds, and hello, keyboard, why, how've you been?

Yesterday looked like a too-early morning after a too-late night, legwarmers, yoga, leftover peppermint fudge frosting, a frontier ghost town SF (be still my heart), thick foam at Philz, a luscious (and rare) afternoon nap while the rain pounded and the laundry dried, a hot Skype date with the dear ones in snow-covered mid-country, music, headstands, a welcome return from NYC by my girl C, and a jaunty cab ride through deserted streets to the Four Corners, where the Balboa twinkled like a buzzing lighthouse in the dark city and people hummed and it felt like home and Christmas and San Francisco amidst sweet sparkly solid people whom I adore.

(Peppermint cupcakes from Friday morning at the studio below; vegan, with a little candy cane action, and crimson tulips and dendrobium orchids on top. Yes.)

And now it's to writing, big writing, and football, big football, and slinging drinks and sipping coffee to burn off the brain fog, and watching that inevitable huge holiday snowstorm pummel my beloveds on the East Coast, and looking to the last week of the year and what I want for it to be. How we got here, now, I dunno, but the sky's clear and the morning's bright and the long day stretching ahead promises to hold much being alive in late December 2010.

So I'll take it.


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