Raw, adjective: 9. disagreeably damp and chilly, as the weather or air: a raw, foggy day at the beach.

Tonight we set our clocks back an hour, and the shadows lengthen. There's no hiding from November once the sun begins to set at five o'clock. Spend your extra hour of darkness tomorrow with the beautiful Scott Blossom, whose season-appropriate, dosha-balancing Shadow Yoga sequence will ease you into late autumn's Yin.

Can't get enough? I, too, find the beauty of Shadow Yoga entrancing, in its own nourishing, quieting, calming, fabulously rich, dark-deep-dank kind of way. So if you want a little more of the philosophy behind what Scott does, head over to his excellent Shunyata Yoga website. Read up on the Buddhist and Ayurvedic theory behind it, skim through a few of the excellent articles in Scott's archive, and expand your practice a bit in conjunction with the seasons.

Finally, head over to the Chronicle's coverage from last winter's Yoga Journal conference here in SF, where Scott Blossom taught an excellent Shadow Yoga class. I love Blossom's emphasis on Shadow Yoga's lack of commercialization. A breath of fresh air, indeed, at a time when so much in the yoga world is about marketing and industry.

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