Raw, adjective: 7. brutally or grossly frank: a raw portrayal of human passions.

Craving a dose of sparely-lilting, doe-eyed hipster melancholy, with some mid-1960s mod aesthetics thrown in? Yeah, me too.

Meet Inara George.

She of the big eyes, the twee pixie 'do, the legit musical pedigree, and the clear pure perfectly simple soprano has been haunting my melodies of late. Check out one of my favorite songs below (Fools Work), read George's interview on NPR's All Things Considered from a few years back, and waste some time Googling up a little of The Bird and The Bee, George's collaborative indie-rock duo with Greg Kursten (aka the Bee).

Love everything about their music, their aesthetic, their iconoclasm, their deceptive simplicity. And not gonna lie; kinda wanna be her. Go.

Inara George ~ Fools Work (YouTube)
Inara George extends 'An Invitation' (NPR)
The Bird and the Bee: Unusual and Irresistible (NPR)


freelancer said…
I have been a fan since that first NPR interview about the first album!

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