Raw, adjective: 6. ignorant, inexperienced, or untrained: a raw recruit.

Feeling creaky, and sore, and blasé? Read this piece on 92-year-old rockstar yogini Tao Porchon-Lynch, and then try to tell me you don't just desperately wanna be her.

It's women like Lynch that give me a vision for what I want my life to be someday. My big sis and I remember so fondly a certain dance teacher of ours, Nevorah Adams, who at sixty-something - back in the early 80s - would rock her high-heeled tap shoes and long sexy legs and dance her ass off there in the wooden studio on the second floor of that dusty old prairie building in Brookings. I can't hear the Beach Boys' California Girls without remembering tap-tap-tapping away to it with that incredible woman in front of the big long mirror as what - a four, five year old?

Point being, I remember saying to myself as that young kid, even then: I wanna be her. I wanna be able to kick my nose when I'm 63. I wanna be able to rock the fishnets and the boa when I'm a sexagenarian (though I guarantee I didn't say "sexagenarian" at the time). And that drive's stayed with me all these years since, all because of one remarkable teacher, and her memory motivates me on days when I'd rather just say "meh." So thanks to Lynch, with her Indra Devi legacy and her Duke Ellington name-dropping (!!), and thanks to Nevorah, for planting a seed in the first place.

It takes just one powerful teacher. Just one. And then, well, life - it just unfolds.

For yoga master at 92, there is only the dance (Yahoo)


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