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If you're looking for a progressive voice to counter a lot of the conservative influences in the media's coverage of religion these days, look no further than the fantastic forward-thinking Sojourners Magazine.

This level-headed, justice-driven publication churns out consistently thoughtful pieces on the latest in progressive, activist-minded Christianity, spirituality and social justice in general. It's a much-needed antidote to a lot of the passionately partisan screeds being published in support of narrow-minded, exclusivist, hate-mongering behavior in the name of religion.

Check out Sojourners' November issue for some seriously smart writing on the theology of the Tea Party. Let Jim Wallis's measured analysis and step-by-step unpacking of the theological implications of Libertarianism make you rethink the mass media packaging of these so-called "Christian" candidates, and question whether Ayn Rand-style individualism is really compatible with the compassionate central mandate to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Vote for love, vote for compassion, vote for justice, vote for peace. Isn't that what Buddha, Jesus, Krishna would do? I think so, too.

The Theology of the Tea Party
Sojourners: Christians for Justice and Peace


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