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Thanks for being here! I love that you're reading.

If you haven't yet, take a sec to click the link at right to find Rachel Meyer Yoga on Facebook. There, you'll discover additional content, useful links and a few more kicky photos now and then.

On that note - there's a great campaign on the part of Off the Mat, Into the World to get our yogi activist community to the polls as we approach Election Day next Tuesday. Take a few minutes to browse through their fantastic seva-inspired work, and then head over to YogaVotes to show your support for yogic action at the polls.

Living our yoga means taking those qualities we so strive to develop on the mat - patience, kindness, compassion, peace - and employing them in the world around us. Vote for the candidates who most espouse those qualities. Your spirit and your seva are so wrapped up in your vote.

Rachel Meyer Yoga
Off the Mat, Into the World


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