Raw, adjective: 1. uncooked, as articles of food: a raw carrot.

Well, Christ on a cracker. Larabar's done it again.

A few things have changed since we first discovered Lara's deliciously unprocessed grub. It looks like our little Colorado-based raw/vegan start-up has been bought out by General Mills. They've also quietly stopped calling their products "raw." But it's cool. Because it appears like nothing has really changed in terms of the Larabar content, which remains unprocessed, vegan and best of all: gluten-free.

I've been off gluten entirely since January, and the whole-body effects have been remarkable. Just ask my Kapotasana. And while I've fairly painlessly said sayonara to pizza and bagels, I still miss the hell out of chocolate chip cookie dough, which had heretofore been one of my reasons for living. So yesterday afternoon, en route to work and exhausted after a long stretch of running-doing-going-lifting, body aching from four straight mornings with Rusty, I turned a corner at the little market on Sansome and found my eyes bugging out to see there before me in all its grandeur:

the new Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Larabar.

Sweet jesus. Not only gluten-free, but for the very most part vegan, as well. I bought that puppy faster than you can say "stuff yer face." And picked up a few of the new Carrot Cake and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip flavors, too. Those guys made for a damn happy night behind the bar. Sugar be damned; I've met your match, and he's cuter, and healthier, too.

Check out the website for all of the latest. Sad to see Pistachio's been retired; I'll miss him, but thankfully these new distractions should provide plenty of sustenance in his stead. Happy eating.


Mariah said…
Carrot cake?!? Yesssssss.
Meliss said…
OH, I didn't know about Pistachio. :( However, I discovered the glorious Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip at WH a few weeks ago. Should have mentioned it in Newark. Chocolate Walnut Brownie was pretty delish as well. I will have to try the Cookie Dough flavor!
Ped said…
I haven't seen these. Where do you get 'em?
Matt Abbott said…
Ped - we usually order ours @ Drugstore.com...but you can also get them @ Whole Foods and probably Trader Joes. Maybe now that General Mills acquired them, they will be available in more places?
Melody said…
How did you get yourself off Gluten? Not an easy decision or change. I know that I should but I fear I have no (not enough) will power.!!
Rach said…
Ped, I've only found them at one small specialty grocery store here in SF. I'm going to have to go the online route and order them like Matt and Meliss do. Soooo delicious.

Melody, it's a constant, constant work in progress! Literally a day at a time kind of thing, and years in the making. But I found that once I got the ball rolling and noticed how wildly different I felt in every aspect of my life, it was much easier to avoid the gluten. The key is not letting yourself get too hungry (and thus craving the sugar rush that comes with refined carbs). That's why I love the dates and "good" carbs found in Lara Bars.

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