Raw, idiom, 14b: Informal. in the nude; naked: sunbathing in the raw.

Camille Paglia likes to raise some hell, to be sure, and you can usually count on her to push the envelope, sometimes in contrivedly controversial ways. And I don't always agree with her deliberately dramatic hyperbole. But boy, did I love her recent NYT op-ed.

"No Sex Please, We're Middle Class" draws together class, sexuality and bourgeois values in a way I've not seen done before, and it's pretty rad. Check out Paglia's clever threading of psychology, pop culture, biology, and gender. She manages to tie in ribald Shakespeare, old-school Rolling Stones, and a little Lady Gaga in her critique of the desexualizing "careerist technocracy" that she argues is responsible for killing America's libido. Just read even the final blurb:
"Pharmaceutical companies will never find the holy grail of a female Viagra — not in this culture driven and drained by middle-class values. Inhibitions are stubbornly internal. And lust is too fiery to be left to the pharmacist."
Read the whole thing. Intriguing shit. Fiery, fantastic, yes.

No Sex Please, We're Middle Class (NYT)


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