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Have you seen this remarkable new sculpture holding court in Civic Center?

I happened to be cutting past City Hall Wednesday morning and, distracted by the gorgeous day and the bluer sky, largely ignored the kerfuffle of people teeming around the plaza. Then, at a glance, I realized the lanky man in the open-collared shirt surrounded by schoolchildren was Gavin Newsom, and knew something big was going on.

Turns out they were installing this imposingly fabulous sculpture. "Three Heads, Six Arms" which has planted itself squarely across from the SF Public Library and the Asian Art Museum; it's arresting and powerful, a vision, an intrigue. Read more from the LA Times on the radical Chinese performance artist Zhang Huan who created it, the Buddhist symbolism it represents, and the SF Arts Commission's efforts to embrace public arts and to celebrate our relationship with our sister city, Shanghai.

I love it. And love the way Newsom, et al are continuing to find creative uses for this somewhat blighted public space. Remember the amazing Slow Food victory garden?

Chinese Artist Zhang Huan's "Three Heads, Six Arms" a Monumental Shift (LAT)


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