Raw, adjective: 6. ignorant, inexperienced, or untrained: a raw recruit.

What a great yoga day!

Brad at 9 for a little vinyasa warm-up.
And then on to Bikram.

I've been hitting the Bikram hard this week to, uh, counterbalance the effects of all the below-mentioned hard liquor. That whole "sweat lodge" factor is great for a detoxifying return to homeostasis. Not to mention the fact that such intense heat does miraculous things for your flexibility. So I usually stay and do 20 minutes or so of my own shit after class to take advantage of all that mushy goodness.

So I'm lying there SPLAT in a pancake split this afternoon just chillin' after class, loving the release. My teacher-friend Ross* walks by and whispers in my ear: "You look like Garfield." As in, this. Hilarious. That's pretty much exactly how I felt.

So after a good crash there, I busted out the usual routine, familiar enough to these bones that I could do it in my sleep. But this time, I hit Tittibhasana (or Firefly, pictured above left) - completely inadvertently, and DUDE - nailed it! A 20-second hold!! Seriously made my day. You have no idea.

Cheers to fucking yoga progress. I'm so in love with this shit.

*Who I've always secretly thought maybe I should date, not because I'm particularly into him, but because of the whole ridiculous pop-cultural irony that would be a real-life Ross-Rachel combination. Sheesh. The bad jokes just write themselves.


Claudia said…
I am obsessed with the Garfield reference.

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