Raw, adjective: 2. not having undergone processes of preparing, dressing, finishing, refining, or manufacture

Today's Labor Day! Celebrate your work. Celebrate the workers around you. (Especially if you live in Arizona). Lift a glass to folks like Marx and Debs who went to bat for the little guys, the workers, the tired sweaty bodies making things happen. Our work is so much a part of who and what we are.

* * *

I've been reading a thumbed copy of Thomas Moore's Care of the Soul, salvaged from one of the boxes at the Florida house last month. Dude has some rich things to say about soulful work. In the chapter on "The Economics of Soul," Moore writes:
Sometimes we refer to work as an "occupation," an interesting word that means "to be taken and seized." In the past this word had strong sexual connotations. We like to think that we have chosen our work, but it could be more accurate to say that our work has found us. Most people can tell fate-filled stories of how they happen to be in their current "occupation." These stories tell how the work came to occupy them, to take residence. Work is a vocation; we are called to it. But we are also loved by our work. It can excite us, comfort us, and make us feel fulfilled, just as a lover can. Soul and the erotic are always together. If our work doesn't have an erotic tone to it, then it probably lacks soul, as well. (182)
Word up. Twist a few worker's rights songs into that Maypole dance later today.


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