Raw, idiom, 14b: Informal. in the nude; naked: sunbathing in the raw.

I do so love me some Louise Brooks. Throw in some chic boho fashion, searing red lipstick, classically elegant old-school cinema, and some boundary-breaking sexuality, and hello! What more could a girl want on a sunny Tuesday morning?

Head over to Gawker TV for a smart and seductive lesson on the Sexual Milestones of Old Hollywood. Not only is the piece an utterly fascinating walk through the pre-Hays Code films of vintage cinema, it's a sobering reminder of how little we've actually progressed in terms of our collective cultural comfort with (gasp!) the portrayal of sexuality onscreen. Nancy Meyers and her godawful contemporary rom-coms can't hold a candle to the simmering sexual tension of Garbo and Gilbert in the clip from 1927's Flesh and the Devil included here.

Maybe save that middle clip for home instead of office, as it tends to veer toward the porntastic, but in the meantime, enjoy learning about the first striptease, the first femme fatale, the first sympathetic film portrayal of a gay character, etc. Cool shit.

Sexual Milestones of Old Hollywood (Gawker TV)


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