Raw, adjective: 7. brutally or grossly frank: a raw portrayal of human passions.

You might recall that I've got a wee crush on writer Pico Iyer. (Who wouldn't?)

Well, OregonLive.com has a great little interview with my man Pico, a Part 1 that leaves me eagerly anticipating Part 2. Check it out for a few of Iyer's thoughts on the Dalai Lama, Leonard Cohen, and the radical choice to be still and stay in one place after a lifetime of wanderlust. (Many of us can relate to this...)

Pico's got some beautiful comments about the contrasting poetry of troubadours Dylan and Cohen, and his always-refreshing perspective on "news" as found in the falling of the leaves or the Emerson essays on his shelf is a good reminder to distance ourselves from the non-stop media chatter and find revelation in the little things around us. Read it.

Pico Iyer talks about the Dalai Lama, Leonard Cohen and the virtues of traveling within yourself (OregonLive.com)

Update: Here's the second half of the interview, with more richness on silence, hauntedness and Graham Greene. Get in there.


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