Raw, adjective: 5. crude in quality or character; not tempered or refined by art or taste: raw humor

Saturday night.

I'm on the second of 3 straight 20-hour days, and have just hopped behind the bar in my blacks after whooshing through a Superman-style costume change from chanting yogi to bartender ninja. 4 hours' sleep, 3 nights in a row: it's gonna be a long night, and the last thing I wanna do is deal with people who want to be entertained. Let's just shake some martinis, watch the sun set, and get outta here, yeah?

So, naturally, 3 dudes walk into the bar, early, 5 0'clockish, and settle in right there in front of my well. Great, I think; they seem cool enough, funny, charming, but now I've gotta be a circus clown, and my head's dull and tired after a long day of sequences and alignment already, and I don't really have it in me. But then said dudes proceed to whip out this MOST AMAZING set of cards that I've EVER SEEN, and the whole night changes.

Bar Bingo, my friends. Brilliance in tequila-soaked motion. Leave the B-8 and the N-32 to your Grandma; we're talking serious bingo action here, with punch-out squares labeled:
Gold chains.
Exposed thong.
Lonely guy.
Text messagers.
Phone number exchange.
Excess cleavage.
Drunk lady.
and on and on, with the Bartender square in the center (naturally!).

I don't remember the last time I've laughed so hard. You really need to try this for yourselves.

Suggestions? Decide on a killer prize for whomever wins - something more creative than a drink. Choose the perfect bar - in just the right neighborhood for exposed thongs and the like. Order your own set of cards here. And don't forget to wear your gold chains.


Genius. As a graphic designer, this is the kind of awesome work I aspire to create :) I also just tagged this in my Google Reader under "gifts" -- this would be so fun to give to friends. Thanks for sharing! I'm glad your night took a turn for the better.
Rach said…
Seriously, Brooke! What an awesome way to find creativity and humor in your work. I've already got my set on order. We're just trying to pick the perfect bar...
Anonymous said…
*sigh* Given that bar time is restricted with two toddlers at home, I will have to watch longingly from afar.

Where the hell were these games when I was single and actually GOING to bars?
JEJ said…
I want to play! I, too, am adding this to my list of gift ideas!

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