Raw, adjective: 4. painfully open, as a sore or wound

Not proud of my former home state.

Nebraska has once again shown itself to be the ultimate reactionary in terms of reproductive rights. This latest crackdown bans choice after 20 weeks based upon a new notion of fetal pain, and requires a mental health screening before a woman is allowed to decide whether she spawns a small person or not. Sigh. What year is it, again?

That said, I'm always keen to remind people that no one - not even us crazy liberal whores! - wants to have an abortion. That frustrating anti-choice myth floating around that tons of women just wantonly run around using abortion like contraception makes my blood boil. Yesterday Salon ran this anonymous account of one woman's abortion experience in the wake of Obama's signing away any hope for federal funding, and it's heart-breaking:
Just as no one wants to get the flu, diabetes or even cancer -- though people still leave their homes, eat junk food, and smoke -- no woman wants to experience an unplanned pregnancy. But it happens. Each year, almost half of all pregnancies among American women are unintended. When I was pregnant, I'd never before so desperately needed affordable healthcare and services, often two very different things. And I'd never felt more like I didn't deserve them. But when it comes to our health, who deserves what isn't, or at least shouldn't be, the point.
There's enough material here to fill your mind with complicated thoughts on health-care and sexuality and civil rights. Read it. Your compassion level will expand exponentially.

On an up-note, there are still people out there in the trenches doing the dirty work on this issue. They need your money, and your time, and your support. My favorite non-profit has always been the radical and risky and righteous Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. Give them some love. (There used to be a Nebraska branch. As far as I can tell, no more. See what happens when we let these little progressive Davids be trampled by the conservative religious Goliaths?)

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