Raw, idiom, 14a: in the natural, uncultivated, or unrefined state: nature in the raw.

My wise and passionate and artistic old friend Molly sent me the loveliest surprise last week for my birfday, and I've been admittedly obsessed since. Please meet my favorite new cloche, fittingly kelly green and here pulled low over my last-night's-eye-makeup-wearing eyes, hand-knitted with love by my somehow insanely proficient friend in between dissertating and gardening and raising a genius and aiding and abetting a doctor husband. I pull this thing on and feel like a walking, talking plant, freshly watered and lush with prana, preparing to bloom. Perf.

Not ashamed to admit that I slept in it last night.

So don't be surprised to find me green-clad and cloche-bearing in the weeks to come. I'm in hat love. A million crafty thanks, Mol.


Mariah said…
That is a super amazing hat. Impressed by Molly's skills!

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