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So excited. Our boy Shaun TC is due to hit SF starting in May for an extended run at the Curran with the "In the Heights" national tour. Shaun's been rocking the "Sonny" role since the tour kicked off last fall, after originating the show on Broadway and backing up Usnavi there, as well. Needless to say, he's a star, and we're mad proud.

Check out the official site to read up on this hot Tony Award-winning Best Musical of 2008. Then head over to SHN to reserve your tickets. And look for me at the theater when you go. I'll be the one in the front throwing lingerie.

(Oh, and this pic is from New Year's a year and a half ago, when a few of us from the college crew headed up to NYC to see Shaun in action; that would be a post-show-exhausted-yet-seriously-charismatic Lin-Manuel Miranda in the middle. Dreamy.)

In the Heights ~ Official Site
SHNSF: Broadway Reframed


ped said…
that's me!

we're seeing TC in April!

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