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Rusty's been playing a lot of Matt Morris charts for savasana of late, and though he's not cranked up the "Bloodline" in the last few days, its mellow melody has been lingering in my consciousness for weeks now, really.

Check out hot young singer-songwriter Morris; his pop-funk-folk style is just my speed, and he rocks a melancholy acoustic guitar like few others. Savvy siblings (you know who you are!) might recognize this grown-up Morris as a former Mouseketeer from those early 90's afternoons spent in front of the Disney Channel; the guy's got street cred in the same way Aguilera, Spears, Timberlake, et al do, having come up through the ranks of the Disney sweatshops with some pretty incredible fellow performers.

Justin Timberlake doesn't usually do much for me; his tenor's too, well, "tenor" for my tastes, though he makes up for it in his kinetic dance skillz and his banging sense of rhythm. Dude can rock. So when I saw this version of a live "Bloodline" duet between MM and JT, twisting and turning their so-trained voices together through some of the tightest, loveliest, lilting-est harmonies I've heard in some time, I was rapt.

Sit back, close your eyes; give it a listen; love that male-duo harmonizing that we just don't hear enough of these days. And appreciate that flash of a loose smile JT offers toward the end there. He's digging it. (The best performers make that so clear, no?) It's a gorgeous song, meant for headstands or housecleaning or a stolen hot minute between things, when you can just soften into it and let that guitar roll and know that damn, you've already got everything you need.

Matt Morris ~ Official Site


Jess(ica) said…
I like to think I sort of know Matt. He grew up next door to one of my best childhood friends. Of course, I never met him, but I heard about him all the time. It made me feel a little closer to the Mickey Mouse Club gang whom I idolized in my youth. Who knew they would all grow up to be so talented? (Hmm, could I launch into a diatribe about music education in schools here?)
Rach said…
No way! That's awesome. I also love, love that he's so unapologetically "out" about his marriage to a man. In an industry that's so much about selling a certain image, or selling yourself as a product, it takes guts to be authentic, true, real, what you are. Gives me that much more reason to want to spread the word about his music.

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