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Pretty rad profile-slash-art-collage featuring David de Rothschild over at the NYT this week. In case you missed the news, the Plastiki shipped off under the Golden Gate bright and early last Saturday morning, and by all accounts, the voyage thus far's going swimmingly. (Pun intended.) Psyched to follow via their Twitter and website reports.

This picture-heavy profile, though lacking depth, is still quite charming in its wanderlusting, anti-consumptive bent. You've gotta respect a guy who was born into such great wealth and has consciously come to the realization that, well, there's more to reality than having sixteen expensive watches and a bazillion pairs of jeans. And he's so damn on target about the need to return to the wild:
According to de Rothschild, we don’t get out enough. Our disconnect with nature is such that we will happily pay extra for a hotel room with an ocean view but won’t go so far as to get our feet wet. ‘‘It’s earth porn,’’ he says. Or, to put it more mildly, our idea of ‘‘out there’’ comes with a can of Off! ‘‘God forbid another species would land on me! We like nature when we can control it.’’ And market it.
"Earth porn!" True that. I love it. Scroll through the pics; savor the beauty; follow the journey. There are exciting things afoot.

Profile in Style: David de Rothschild (NYT)
The Plastiki Expedition ~ Official Site


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