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Over the weekend, my boys Tom and Ben and I were lucky enough to share in the christening ceremony for the Plastiki as she prepares to set sail in the next few weeks. The crew was all dolled up in fresh green Polynesian leis - they clean up so well! - and there was a good crowd there to cheer along with us, in spite of the cold and the wind and the wet (and the, er, sinking dock). The gang is set to take the ship into the Pacific this week for a several-day test run, and after that, the actual launch date is all about the weather conditions. So, keep your eyes on the news for updates on the exciting voyage to Australia.

In the meantime, here are a few pics to whet your eco-activist appetites.

She floats!! See the black reclining chair there to the left? That's actually the seat to the bicycle that will help generate power on the boat. Cool, eh.

The beauty herself. On the water. Shining in the sun. Wow.

Side view of the hull made entirely of - wait for it - plastic bottles!!

Singing and wreaths and mana and kava and excitement and radiant skipper Jo.

I hang out with such hotties. Here they are trying to stay warm before the ceremony.

Skipper Jo drinks the kava while David looks on.

Most days I still can't believe that this is my backyard. Swoon.

The whole crew, lookin' fly.

The floor porthole in the cabin interior that looks down into the sea below. How cool is that?!

And let's close with my favorite: that would be Ash in the loo, which was apparently christened in its own way by a certain famous comedian the other day. Love it. Love them. What a buzz! Can't wait to hear all the news from the voyage to Sydney.


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