Raw, adjective: 11. unprocessed or unevaluated: raw data.

Sunburn achieved.
Scary Bible-beater billboards noted.
Spider webs averted.

The epic piece I'd promised you isn't going to happen tonight. Material keeps flooding in and I'm quickly realizing it's more "book" than "blog." But it will eventually appear and thenceforth make more clear what the hell I'm doing here in the random Deep South and why these few unplugged days are by necessity such a cocktail of coffee, tears and cheap red wine.

Several days spent sorting through the detritus of former lives in zip codes
38100–38126, and
have revealed a number of remarkable laughter- and tear-inducing finds, including but not limited to
  • one faded periwinkle South Dakota Public Television t-shirt from approximately 1984
  • one Wonder Woman Pez dispenser
  • 3/4 empty Gel de Ducha Rosa from a cheap Malaga convenience store
  • one can of Taco Bell-brand vegetarian Refried Beans, expiration date 05/02**
  • my first Chet Baker tape, dubbed from a copy stolen from the Lincoln City Library
  • one tangled metal Volkswagen mobile featuring 6 mini VW beetles
  • an outline of a 5-year-plan culminating in a Princeton Ph.D in Religion & Material Culture
  • one mix tape featuring a 10-year-old Mikah and 17-year-old me singing "Annie Get Your Gun" duets
  • two tiny culture-jammer buttons screaming out "Cunt Love" and "Pussy Power"***
  • one tube half-empty Aloe Vera gel, expiration date 9/99
  • one ratty blue lifeguard tank
  • embarrassing numbers of notebooks scrawled with florid 19-year-old poetry
  • one long cotton prairie skirt
  • a love letter from some dude named Jeremy in New Hampshire who I swear to God I've never heard of, ever****
  • one nude leotard painstakingly- and poorly-stitched with fake fabric flowers
  • a tattered copy of Gone With the Wind dated June 1992
  • one 1999 X-Files calendar featuring heart stickers stuck on Fox Mulder's face
  • two awards from post-show cast parties for "Best Orgy" and "Actress Most Likely to be Undressed When the Director Gives Notes"*****
So much more yet to be done before the night is out. Bed is looking doubtful. And I need a drink.


*Shit, dude. You tell me that's not overwhelming.
**Eaten. No ill effects to report as of yet.
****Seriously, never.
*****My sexy-director pick-up-skills have grown more sophisticated over the years. Trust.


Mariah said…
Loving you and thinking of you in this space, sis.
Meliss said…
Ah, those awards...it really was the "Best Orgy!" Was the second award from Damn Yankees?

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