Raw, adjective: 2. not having undergone processes of preparing, dressing, finishing, refining, or manufacture

Holy god. This is why I love Adbusters.

A whole new issue on post-postmodernity. Foucault and altermodernity and the hegemony of "progress" and Sartre and failed economies and privileged binaries and "moments of rupture" and subversion and multiplicity and fluidity and postmillennial tension.

Someone is actually saying this shit! And in the public arena, no less! Be still my beating heart!

The best part is, it's sitting stealthily, dangerously, on your neighborhood newsstand next to US Weekly and Martha Stewart Living while you stand in the grocery check-out line behind suburban housewife #27 in JCrew khakis buying individually packaged Kool-Aid juiceboxes for her sugared-up video-watching spawn.

That this exists, and continues to exist, gives me such great hope.

The Birth of Altermodern (Adbusters)
Postmillennial Tension (Adbusters)


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