Raw, adjective: 1. uncooked, as articles of food: a raw carrot.

Meet my most recent art project. I made this little guy for Aaron & Courtney's birthday shindig last week. You'll recognize the Blueberry Cream as a repeat offender (and one of my favorites); this versatile recipe made its debut for Obama's election and has provided ample inspiration ever since.

In the annals of oh-shit-I-almost-killed-someone (reference eucalyptus), it was another instance of aesthetics before pragmatism: I hauled my ass up to Whole Foods deliberately for a bouquet of delphinium, which are these dazzling deep blue little bell flowers perfect for a blueberry-themed cake. They've figured prominently in a lot of past creations, and I had a vision of a little delphinium garden for Aaron & Court's birthday creation. Picked up a few stems and lovingly added them to the finished cream cheese frosting. It was perfect, fresh, delightful. Or so I thought.

Because then, as I waited for a cab to carry my little pink "Rachel's Bakery" cake box and me South of Market, I thought, ah, what the hell, let's google a little "delphinium poisonous" just to make sure we don't repeat the eucalyptus debacle from before. The cab promptly arrived, I ran out; rolled home later that night high on limoncello martinis and lush red wine only to find that YES, delphinium are actually HIGHLY POISONOUS, and oh shit I almost killed my friends.

Lesson learned: Google it up before adding decorative buds to your edible creations. Sadly, my favorite blue muse will have to be relegated to the bud vase from now on. Aaron & Court, glad you're still breathing.


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