Raw, adjective: 7. brutally or grossly frank: a raw portrayal of human passions.

Slavering at all the rich musical theater action on Broadway right now:

~ As predicted, Green Day's American Idiot is moving from its sold-out Berkeley Rep run to an April opening on B'way. See it.

~ Stevie S. has another NYT write-up in the wake of his many recent pared-down musical revivals. The man - the genius - is now 79. Check out the audio slide show alongside Patrick Healy's article: Sondheim Makes His Entrance Again, Intimately

~ Last week Charles Isherwood wrote a decent round-up of the state of the musical during the aughts. The juggernauts like Wicked are balanced out by the little up-and-comers like Avenue Q. Read it here: Cue the Chorus: The Musical Endures

~ And you know that Catherine Zeta-Jones is starring in the latest revival of Sondheim's A Little Night Music, yeah? She's fantastic. Zeta-Jones Moves to "A Little Night Music" on Broadway


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