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Did you happen to catch the latest issue of Outside magazine? Pick it up the next time you're cruising by the newsstand; as you can see from the cover shot, the December issue features another great profile of David de Rothschild and his Plastiki (recycled-bottle-boat) project, which is quickly nearing completion down at Pier 31.

I've had the unexpected pleasure of getting to know the crew over the last year or so, and it's been fascinating to watch the highs and lows of this awesomely creative eco-adventure project unfold. Late last night, we watched as they rolled the catamaran out to test it in the water for the very first time, a complicated wee-hours undertaking involving one very large crane and a lot of crossed fingers. So exciting to see all these guys' time and labor coming together in what should be a globally-watched adventure on the high seas.

By this point, you've probably seen coverage of the voyage anywhere from CNN to Saturday Night Live to the New Yorker; the media roll-out has been impressive. Take a few minutes to leaf through this latest article. DDR really knows his stuff, in a humbly irreverent kind of way, and the team is across-the-board lovely; they work harder than anyone I've met in some time. Most importantly, the ethical spirit driving the whole project is really grounded in genuine passion and activism. So head on over to the official site, read up, and look forward to some exciting updates as the ship sets sail in the weeks to come.

Plastics Jesus: David de Rothschild (Outside)


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