Raw, adjective: 9. disagreeably damp and chilly, as the weather or air: a raw, foggy day at the beach.

Sheesh, what a busy time in the City right now: Fleet Week, Litquake, Italian Heritage Festival, Oracle Convention. Let's just say it's hell getting a cab.

Much afoot here in spite of the cold and the chill; the weather dudes are calling for a big winter storm system to hit this evening, and while of course that's very relative - a joke of a little wind and rain compared to what most of you call "winter" - it'll mean grey and wet for the next few days. I like. Feels like autumn.

Been on a serious raw stretch for the last week, 100% gluten-sugar-dairy-free, which has naturally meant mad energy, glowing skin and otherworldly placidness. The revelation of this latest bonanza has been the Go Hunza* Raw Pecan Pie. It's obscenely overpriced, at $4.99 a pop, but it's also obscenely delicious. I never thought I'd be able to forget the culinary bliss that is the traditional cinnamon roll, but these totally unprocessed raw approximations are dead ringers for the heavy old soppy cinnamon bun that sticks to your teeth and then your gut.

Ingredients: pecans, dates, almonds, agave, apricot kernels, cinnamon, himalayan salt & vanilla.

You'll note the lack of sugar. Key. The Chron ran another scathing anti-sugar article yesterday. It's worth a read for a reminder of WHY THE HELL DO WE PUT THIS SHIT IN OUR BODIES? Seems to me it's less a matter of moderation and more a matter of just cutting it out completely. Really not worth the taste, when bad skin, depleted energy and mood swings are the trade-off.

Experts Set Sugar Guidelines to Fight Obesity (SFGate)

*Just make sure not to enter your email address if you check out the Go Hunza website. I made that mistake and now am the lucky recipient of approx. 82 Viagra and penis-enlargement emails every day. Sigh.


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