Raw, adjective: 7. brutally or grossly frank: a raw portrayal of human passions.

There's an obese cat that waddles around in the garden outside my new window. Birds, too. Let's start there.

I've been listening to Neko Case non-stop this weekend while taking care of the busywork of moving: the address-changing (online magic!) and the unpacking and whatnot. She's killer, of course, and you should know her stuff; I was so disappointed to miss her set a few weeks back at Hardly Strictly Blueglass.

Case's "Magpie to the Morning" is one of my favorites. The whole thing's good, but there's a line in particular that runs on repeat in my mind, toward the beginning, when she wails that

He laughed under his breath/
Because you thought that you could outrun sorrow

What spot-on poetry. How often do most of us try - one way or another - to foolishly "outrun sorrow?" Oh, the ways I could count, both what I see in the people around me and what I know I'm guilty of myself. That's why yoga's patient reminder to "just stay" has always felt so radical to me: "just stay" in a leg-shaking asana, stay in a difficult feeling, stay in an uncomfortable moment. Ride it out. Instead of trying to outrun it.*

Listen to the whole thing. There's a live version floating around on YouTube somewhere. Google it up. Neko's great.

* Yogic theory's everywhere, if you just keep your eyes open for it. Wouldn't you say?


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