Raw, adjective: 8. brutally harsh or unfair: a raw deal

Did you read last week's SF Weekly cover story on Gavin Newsom's character - or lack thereof?

It's long-ish, but interesting, and clearly extensively researched. You can always count on the alt-weeklies to hit these things harder than the Chron ever will; the mainstream rags are so tied up with pleasing the power-hitters, it's too much of a risk to raise the kind of questions the SFBG and SFWeekly do.

Interesting thoughts as we see the CA gubernatorial race take shape. Not sure Jerry Brown is the man with the plan, either, but this piece at least casts a little more light onto our slicked-back, wonky, "lupine" mayor. (Isn't "lupine" the best adjective ever? Love that they used it.)

I will say, the Gav and his pretty, very-pregnant wife looked smashing at the Opera Gala last Friday night. Their forthcoming spawn is going to be so cute.

The Wrong Stuff (SF Weekly)


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