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You've heard about the hot new Green Day musical in previews over at Berkeley Rep, right?

Michael Mayer, the same guy behind the Tony Award-winning Spring Awakening, is helming this newest production in conjunction with Billie Joe Armstrong and crew, and there's plenty of buzz that this is just the first stop for the show before it heads east to New York. The hometown band is dramatizing its "American Idiot" album in musical form, and though the guys won't be performing in the show itself, the music promises to be stellar.

I've been trying unsuccessfully to get tickets, and it's already crazy sold-out. Berkeley Rep has just extended the run through November, so I'm hoping that'll make it happen. In the meantime, sate yourselves with this recent Chron article detailing the new production, including an interview with Mayer himself.

'American Idiot' Awakens at Berkeley Rep (SFGate)


Matt G said…
This is a silly idea. The only thing that made Spring Awakenings any good was Duncan Sheik's amazing musical talent.

Plus...how embarrassing for Green Day's punk past!

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