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Rarely do I find a performer whose work I consistently enjoy as much as that of Neil Patrick Harris. Really enjoyed this recent profile published in NY Mag.

NPH's theater cred is undeniable; he earned my respect years ago, what with great turns in Rent, Cabaret, and Assassins. Not to mention his hilarious TV work and his quirkly one-off gigs of late. Now he's hosting the Emmys this Sunday, after hosting the Tonys earlier this summer. Seriously legit.

More than his talent, though, NPH interests me in terms of masculinity and gender and sexuality and performativity. The article hits on all of those themes; Emily Nussbaum does a pretty nuanced job of parsing the performative dynamics behind NPH's public face. Judith Butler would approve.

Interesting dude. Will enjoy seeing what direction his career takes next.

How Neil Patrick Harris Became Hollywood's First (Openly) Gay Breakthrough Star (NYMag)


mruhlman said…
hes seems to be on sesame street hanging with elmo a bunch.
Great article, Rachel -- thanks for passing it along!
Anonymous said…
"Did Doogie Howser just steal my fucking car?" -- Harold

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