Raw, adjective: 11. unprocessed or unevaluated: raw data.

(I saw a dude wearing this shirt yesterday at a cafe while - natch - reading, and almost jumped on him.)

Love this article!! Check out the NYT's recent piece on subway readers: what they're reading, why, where they're headed. It's totally clever. Made me smile, nod in recognition.

One of the best parts of riding public transport is the built-in free time for unplugged reading. Living in the city, you quickly learn to carry dishy material wherever you go. I love the inevitable daily excuses to lose myself in a book or a magazine for a few minutes. (Doing so does make the obnoxious/oblivious phone-talkers/girly gigglers even more impossible to bear, though.)

Read the article, with its fond little characterizations and quick blurbs. One of the readers says of her train time: “It’s the one time of day that you have completely to yourself with no sort of immediate obligations, unplugged .... Although you’re surrounded by people, the anonymity is really forgiving.”

Amen to that.

Reading Underground (NYT)


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