Raw, adjective: 1. uncooked, as articles of food: a raw carrot.

Another title to put on your list for the next time you hit the bookstore: Lisa Jervis's new Cook Food: a manualfesto for easy, healthy, local eating. Jervis is a progressive publishing rockstar of sorts, a smart and snarky pop culture critic with an eye for the gendered, and now she's moved on to a different topic: food. And I dig it.

Check the recent interview over at Salon; Jaclyn Friedman's article is chock-full of good talking points for anyone interested in the politics of food. Among the many reasons I'm going to pick up this book:

1. I love her use of the term "aspiring," as in "aspiring vegan." Yes. Exactly. None of this black-and-white shit. An awareness that we're always practicing. Allowing space for fucking up. And getting back on the no-cheese horse. Great.

2. Shout-out to Pollan and locavore politics while also recognizing how the locavore movement can be elitist and upper-middle-class. Good point that often goes ignored.

3. Her sense that it's not about what you "should/should not" eat, but about what makes your body feel good. If we only all lived that way...well, I'd definitely not be eating any more gluten or cheese or sugar, ever again. (Then again, we're aspiring, aren't we?)

4. Jervis's mention of learning to cook by trusting your instincts. People always tell me, "Oh, I don't like baking, because you have to be so exact." Not true! Once you figure out a few basics, you just sit back, hit cruise control and let the damn car speed down the highway. Pour in buttermilk instead of water, or vice versa. Chop up peaches and substitute them for berries. Dump in some extra all-spice, maybe a pinch of cloves, even if it's not called for. It's not complicated. It's highly intuitive. And, wow, the things you do when you stop questioning that and just run with it.

Cooking, baking, whatever; it's all a craft of its own sort. An art, if you let it be. If you stop getting so caught up in the instructions and just aspire, intuit, breathe. Yup. Read it.

CliffsNotes to the Food Revolution (Salon)


mruhlman said…
thanks for the suggestion. im adding it to my list of food and garden books that i aspire to read.

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