Raw, adjective: 9. disagreeably damp and chilly, as the weather or air: a raw, foggy day at the beach.

The heat broke. Last night I stepped out of a cab 'round midnight and Nob Hill was all swirling mist. Today's grey and cool. I'm glad. My sunburn from yesterday's Farmers' Market/Alcatraz adventures is still seething.

Mindshift, worldshift, to New Hampshire in two short days, and weddings, and wineries, and more old friends, easy friends, easy-to-laugh, easy-to-reconvene in spite of living 3000 miles away in opposite urban enclaves. Packing for New England will feel strange after so many of days of California sun and playing tourist. I'm looking forward to the contrast.

Took more photos in the last several days than I have in some time. Scanning them, I'm struck by the consistency of blue throughout. Blue skies over Alcatraz. Sailboats dotting that damned impossibly-blue bay. The sky looking east from Telegraph Hill. That twilight blue as the sun set over Ocean Beach.

Blue skies/shining on me
Nothing but blue skies/do I see

Irving Berlin's song comes to mind, and I hate it for its simplistic empty lyrics, but I love it for the way it's managed to lodge itself in my mind for the last, oh, 17 years or so. Good shit, that old swinging tune.

Nonetheless, today, I'm glad for the grey.


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