Raw, adjective: 8. brutally harsh or unfair; a raw deal.

Interesting article in the East Bay Express detailing the recent legal drama involving Cafe Gratitude's pushy-perky labor policies.

Even if you've not been there yourselves, a quick read of the opening paragraph can give you a taste of how potentially annoying the service philosophy there can be. Walk in on an emotionally dark and stormy day wanting some delicious and healthy raw vegan lasagna, and some peaced-out hippie chick with dreads and six nose rings brings it over to you, plops it in front of you and tells you "You are Transcendent" or some such, and the gag reflex kicks in.

I dig the food there like no other, don't get me wrong; it's nourishing and well-intentioned, and I always walk out feeling energized and alive as opposed to sloggy and comatose, as at so many other more mainstream restaurants. But I've often imagined how rough it must be to work there and come in on a really "off" day, and still be expected to espouse all this Pollyanna/Landmark/est shit. The woman interviewed here offers a glimpse of the unintentional misery that must have wrought.

The article also points to the potential messiness of combining spirituality and profit-making. (Erghh - good luck with that. Enter commodification...now.)

I am Annoyed and Disappointed (EBE)


Matt said…
Eek. That goes beyond "annoying" and well into "creepy." "Landmark" sounds like a cult.

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