Raw, adjective: 11. unprocessed or unevaluated

[very serious]
[very literary]

~ hoodie love song ~

oh hoodie
(where have you been all my life?)
i came late to you
and now
dear zippy
dear "bunnyhug"
(as they say in Saskatchewan, apparently)
sweet default

what would i do without you?

long day
longer night
tucking into your sattvic periwinkle
zip the world away
back into that hood and never come out
perfect for simultaneous cloche action
san francisco summer fog
being left alone

blessed hoodie
you look chill
too chill
but i dig you anyway
especially on the bus
or buying ice cream at the corner store
and want to wear you 24-7
even in the bathtub
or to sleep

you got covered with whipped cream
at rye last night
you didn't care
(i love a low-maintenance ken!)
you still smell like weird processed dairy product
i don't care
i'll wear you still

hoodies for everyone

their restorative power shall not go unheralded


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