Raw, adjective: 1. uncooked, as articles of food: a raw carrot.

Whoa whoa whoa.

Should be doing a bazillion other things right now, but instead am salivating into my laptop screen, stopped in my tracks, over this


It's been awhile since our last edition, to be sure; something along the line of Kale chips, I think, which were totally worthy in their own cheesy-cashew kind of way. But this might be even better.

So last night, in an effort to avoid the monster sugar cravings that always hit circa 10pm when I've been running around shaking martinis and washing dishes and flirting for the previous six hours, I armed myself with a few good raw-food sugar alternatives. The evening sugar lust is so predictable, too reliable, and as much as I like shoving sweet confections into other peoples' faces (evidence herein), I do try to avoid the sinister stuff myself as much as possible. It's poison, to be sure.

But night-time is the worst for that. Days, whatever; I'm content with my apples and my dates and my greens and what-have-you. Late-night, though, it's all cellular memory of homemade vanilla wafer ice cream sandwiches and popsicles and root beer floats and all that other shit we ate as kids before bed. Not good.

So yesterday I loaded up on dried mango and dried papaya, dried white peaches and dried pears in an effort to circumnavigate the 10pm sugar fix. And sure enough, after a pleasantly insane night pouring cocktails, the vibrant orange dried fruits were exactly what I needed. (Nevermind the sulfur and added sugar that's no doubt secretly in there, but whatever - baby steps.)

New favorite thing. The ziploc is already stocked for tonight. And in the meantime, I've stumbled across a killer website that's sure to please anyone else with a serious thing for trail mix. Mixmygranola.com (pathetic, I know) promises that you can "mix your custom made, organic all natural granola cereal mix from over fifty healthy ingredients and enhancers," including - wait for it - powdered CAFFEINE enhancer! Unbelievable.

I'm kind of "meh" about the whole granola page itself - try to avoid the grains as much as possible - but holy schnikes, check out that dried fruit selection! Goji berries and blueberries and bananas and you name it. And those nuts! I'm hooked. And they ship this shit right to you. It's overpriced, sure, and another example of excessive yuppie lifestyle packaging, but what can I say: it's a pretty dreamy little site, in spite of all that.

Check it out. Mix some granola. Gift all the hippies in your life. You'll never miss the sugar when you've got pounds and pounds of dried mango-apricot-pomegranate-powdered french vanilla granola to distract you instead.

mix my granola: the way i like it


Ian said…
This is awesome, because I just started making my own granola at home. That kind of DIY makes me a pure yuppie hippie, yuhippie if you will...I'll have to check out this site ;-)
Meliss said…
Give me your order for dried fruit and I will hit up Target before we come out to visit. They have an awesome selection of dried fruit and at such reasonable prices! My current fave is dried pineapple.

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