Raw, idiom: 14a. in the natural, uncultivated, or unrefined state: nature in the raw.

Admittedly, this recent article about last weekend's Wanderlust indie rock/yoga festival makes me cringe. ("Say namaste! ... How many of you think Ganesh is fresh?" Oy.) The NYT manages to cover this Burning Man-lite shindig with a measure of both respect and condescension; you can't help but picture some black-clad, coffee-swilling journalist snarling as she writes about kombucha and opening the heart chakra in the trees.

In spite of the cheeeeeze factor, I'm kicking myself for missing this action. Not only did the festival include veritable yogi rockstars like Shiva Rea and John Friend, it was a hotbed of good music, fresh air, and killer mountain views, only a few short hours away. Several of my friends made the trek up to Squaw Valley for the weekend; I'm certainly going to block off my calendar for next year already.

Check out the article; alternately cringe and drool at the description of the bendy rocking action in Tahoe last weekend; set your Outlook to meet me there in '10.

Say Namaste! Party by Night, Downward Dog by Day (NYT)


Meliss said…
Was Michael Franti & Spearhead there? Those guys are EVERYWHERE as of late!
Matt G said…
every time i read your posts about yoga i can only thing i can think of is Weirdo Hippie Yoga Farmer

Rach said…
Um, that is amazing. That dude's pants! And Rasta the Rooster! Mwahh

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