Raw, idiom: 14a. in the natural, uncultivated, or unrefined state: nature in the raw.

Last night Llama and I finally hit up the new-ish La Folie Lounge up Polk St., in the space formerly occupied by La Boulange, before it expanded next door into the fabulously high-ceilinged old Petit Robert digs. (Follow me?)

It was pleasantly more than I expected: mellow low-lit vibe, creative French-inspired cocktails, an intriguing small plates menu, and blessedly free of laptop-toting rich white beautiful athletic people of the sort you usually find in the bars north of Clay St. But what struck me the most were the elegant matte teal blue walls, that perfect calming ocean blue-green that's so prominent in a lot of Art Deco fabrics and paintings you see. I tucked the color away in my mind for future house-painting projects; the blue might be too much for a big room, but for a bathroom or a few kitchen walls, it's stellar.

Reminded me of this ethereal cerulean sky that I snapped at twilight one evening when I was in Palm Springs for the Bikram seminar last month. Even on my crappy camera phone, you can't help but breathe more easily when the sky opens up like this. Ahhh.


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