Raw, noun: 13. unrefined sugar, oil, etc.

If you haven't yet been up to the SFMoMA's Rooftop Garden since it opened last month, one of the many treats you'll discover on alighting on the fifth floor is the little Blue Bottle Coffee Co. cafe tucked into the back wall of the garden. And if you take the time to grab a cup, you'll find yourself chuckling on discovering the sweet little pastries they've developed to complement the art and the java buzz out there in the sun and the wind.

This morning's Chron has a little piece about the pastry chef, Caitlin Williams Freeman, who took her sketchpad throughout the museum and drafted ideas for pastries that might echo the works on display. The results? Charming little Mondrian-inspired ganaches, Thiebaud-cakes, and more.

You can't help but love the combo: art, sunshine, pastries, prana, coffee. Seriously all of my favorite things in one place. Read the article; it's twee in the most un-irritating kind of ways. After seeing Freeman's pastries, I'm inspired to make every creation an homage to my favorite modern artists.

Freeman Makes Artistic Desserts at SFMoMA (SFGate)


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