Raw, adjective: 7. brutally or grossly frank: a raw portrayal of human passions

Every Sunday morning the Chron's Style section features a running blurb called "On the Couch." Usually it showcases a snapshot of a couple sitting - obviously - on their couch at home, and tells their story in little anecdotes: how they got together, why it works, why it doesn't, tough odds, etc.

You'd think this'd be cheesy as hell, but since they started doing this a few years ago, I've come to look forward to reading each week's profile. This being the Bay Area, the couples are generally interesting, traveled and non-traditional; no Ozzie-and-Harriet backstories to be found here. Lots of interracial and same-sex and childless and several-times-married couples, etc. And usually the pieces carry enough of a healthy dose of cynicism to counter their potential sappiness.

So last week's was once again a nice down-to-earth snapshot, and there was a throwaway line from one of the partners that has since stayed with me; it struck me as such a good, well-adjusted, realistic way of looking at relationships, sans unrealistic expectations or future projections or any of the kind of crap that usually dooms a love affair.

Early on, Jim told Sara: "I like being in the world with you."

Isn't that lovely? A present-tense, very Buddhist, very yogic kind of observation, this emphasis on the here-and-now "being" nature of being with someone, none of this crap about what might be or whether it'll still be in 5 years or whether their landed gentry families' estates run parallel to one another's or whether their genes are good for reproducing or whether their decorating tastes might work well together. Just a being in the world together. What a nice vision for a healthy relationship of any kind: friend, family, lover, etc.

I like it.

The time was right, like in the movies (SFGate)


Heidi said…
Excuse me. I like being in the world with you Rach. I also am missing bundt cake saturdays. hello. First no real bundts for me and now no from-a-distance ones either??? No.

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