Raw, adjective: 6. ignorant, inexperienced, or untrained: a raw recruit.

Hopping a quick flight to Palm Springs in the morning for a week of intensive training with Bikram and Rajashree. At left you can see the miserable destination where I'll be sweating, stretching and bending for the next seven days. Poor, poor me. (Current temp: 110 degrees.)

Today has been a frantic melee of packing and laundry and yoga-training and list-making and putting the finishing touches on the draft of an article due Monday. Much to discuss, more to learn in the days to come. I'll be blogging poolside from the Desert Springs JW Marriott, while hopefully blowing through a few new tomes, drafting a few new articles, and sculpting out a few new muscles as I study the 84-asana Advanced Series with Bikram and his wife. The 1940s Esther Williams bathing beauty swimsuit is packed, the yoga booty shorts are stocked up, and I'm planning to budge from my deck chair as little as possible each afternoon, following the 5 or 6-hour yoga training in the mornings. Got a whole travel bag chock full of raw foods, right next to the sunblock, which should hopefully prevent too much raw skin over the course of the week; raw muscles, however, are completely and totally to be expected.

Look for updates throughout the week. You'll hopefully get a few long-overdue bundt updates, as well, as I catch up on life in the evening hours. (There is hot news on that front, as well. Get excited.)

I'll see you in the desert.

Om shanti, kids.


The Missus said…
Have fun! I have a few friends there right now with you! I am going to teacher training in the fall... I can't wait to hear what advanced was like for you all!

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