Raw, adjective: 1. uncooked, as articles of food: a raw carrot.

How cute is Paul McCartney? Have you read about the new "Meat-Free Monday" campaign that he and his equally cute daughters Mary and Stella are launching today?

Click on over to their website and read up on how this newest clever campaign aims to cut carbon emissions and improve your health by encouraging people to go veg one day a week (if not more). I always respected Linda McCartney's outspoken vegetarian activism and her passion for animal rights, and it's touching to see how Paul & Co. have carried her work on long after her death.

I try so hard to be a gentle vegetarian, not hostile, not proselytizing, not judgmental, and I usually manage, on the outside, at least; but at my heart, and even though after 13 years of this no-meat action I've learned not to say it out loud, I really do believe it's foolish and socially irresponsible to eat meat anymore, given ALL the vast evidence against it: ethically, health-wise, environmentally, socio-politically, etc. Anyone who says he wants to save the rainforests or solve world hunger or fight cancer or be healthy and then continues to financially support the meat industry and in so doing silently endorse the environmental and human/animal violence it perpetrates is just, well, full of it...period. There's too much research out there showing the direct connections to pretend you're ignorant of this one easy step you could take 3 times a day, every time you put food in your mouth. The personal is indeed political, my friends.

So practice what you preach. Like Sir Paul says, cutting out meat is one of the easiest ways to actually make a difference in climate change and your own health. Seriously. It won't kill you. And even better, it won't kill anything else, either.

(End of rant. Back to gentle veg. Eat a carrot. Then please read Carol J. Adams' The Sexual Politics of Meat or John Robbins' Diet For a New America. You'll get it then.)

Meat Free Monday


Jess(ica) said…
Amen, amen.

I try to be gentle too, but I also want to yell sometimes. I will totally be taking friends and family to see Food, Inc.

My one-year-vegeversary just passed. It went by fast, and I definitely still enjoy food. In fact, I enjoy it MORE because its violence-free, environmentally-friendly, and delicious! I am a much more creative cook now that I am veg. And healthier too. It just doesn't make sense to eat animals.
Rach said…
Ahimsa, baby! Especially as a yogi, with so much emphasis on living mindfully and working not to perpetuate suffering in the world, it just seems so f#$%$#* obvious.

Congrats on your vegeversary! (Love that word, totally made me chuckle.) It's funny; I find that as we get older, the same people who thought I was a crazy hippie for being veg are seeing what a difference it makes when they do it, too. I feel grateful to have "seen the light" early, before I'm fighting high cholesterol and heart disease from all the years of animal fats. But I guess the hypocrisy is what kills me most lately when I talk to people who say they're so environmentalist but then aren't willing to take this first most obvious step...


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